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New Owners

We are loving up on your new baby until you are able to bring him or her home. Your puppy has been growing so fast and changing daily. They will learn quickly to meet your expectations and are easy to please and love you already! Believe it or not, we began potty training your little dood the moment they could open their eyes! We did this by training them on a pellet box once they turned two weeks old and were able to begin to move around. By the time we transitioned them to our puppy tiny house with litter mates and momma, they connected their potty training to go outside using a doggy door. It was at this stage that we also removed all puppy pads (we don’t recommend them). They have transitioned so well and have truly thrived at every milestone at our property. They have water always available and are fed morning and evening. They have a “designated place to potty” at our home and will need to learn yours. Once they transition to your house everything will be all new and will require lots of encouragement and consistency.¬† But they will pick this new routine and place up quick!

Your puppy is like a baby and does better when on the cycle of potty, eat, play, potty and sleep. Over and over again. Your puppy will be under some stress with all the changes when transitioning homes so it is important that you give them time to get used to you and your family before bringing them to your neighbors and families homes. It is hard to say how much time this will take; so just take it slow. Please check out our resource page with TONS of tips and help with preparing for your puppy and raising them into doggy adulthood.

Your puppy has had their first vaccination in a series of 4. They must complete the series to be left in a kennel, groomer and vet office or with other dogs. In every environment, you must be VERY careful to keep your puppy away from other dog’s feces or unvaccinated dogs. Deworming is also part of puppy life (so nothing to panic or worry about) and should be continued for the best health of your puppy.

We highly recommend getting your puppy into a puppy class to continue their socialization skills and learn basic skills and manners. You can register for classes at any large pet store, or with a private trainer. Please ensure that your puppy is vaccinated before entering a class with other dogs and/or puppies. Please feel free to ask about other recommendations with training and transitioning your pup. We are here to help make this addition to your family as easy as possible.



Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are so happy to have you apart of our Homestead Designer Doodles family! And just like any grandparents, we love pictures! We want to show the rest of the world how happy they can be too. So please post them on our Facebook page anytime and/or tag us on Instagram: @homesteaddesignerdoodles