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All about Sheepadoodles

What is a Sheepadoodle?

A Sheepadoodle is a mix of an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. Sheepadoodles have a mix of both personalities. Sheepdogs tend to be playful, intelligent, bubbly, and adaptable. Poodles are alert, instinctual, loyal, and easily trainable. Sheepadoodles tend to be playful and loving. The sheepadoodle name was first coined in 1992 and rose to popularity around 2007. Sheepadoodles were created in the 60s as military dogs for the US Army. Sheepadoodles can also be called Sheep-a-poo, Sheeppoo, and Sheepdoodles.

Sheepadoodle Temperament

  • They are calm, lovable, and protective. They make great family dogs.
  • They are playful and fun, with a lot of energy.
  • Their calm temperament also makes them great emotional support or therapy dogs.
  • They are very intelligent and easy to train.
  • Sheepadoodles do have a lot of energy, so daily walks or mind-stimulating games are helpful.
  • They enjoy snuggling on the couch just as much as playing outside.

Sheepadoodle Colors and Coats

Sheepadoodles have a long and soft coat. Their fur can either curly or wavy. Grooming needs can be moderate to high, roughly every eight weeks. Sheepadoodles can be hypoallergenic, so helpful for those who suffer from allergies. Sheepadoodles come in a variety of colors, including black and black and white. They are also red and white, but that’s rare.

Sheepadoodle Health

Sheepadoodles tend to live between 12-15 years. They are medium to large size. They range in height from 16 to 22 inches. They weigh between 50-80 pounds. They have a sturdy and solid build. They are muscular and strong. There are some health issues that they can inert from their parent breeds. Common issues include hip and joint issues, as well as skin problems.

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