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Hi, I'm Haley

Gender: Female
Breed: Australian Goldendoodle
Hair: Straight Brown with Latte’ highliights
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 45 lbs
Nicknames: Hey Bay
Name inspired by: Friends Daughter
If I was a celebrity I would be: Lisa Bonet
Family Tree: Australian Goldendoodle

Personality: No one has ever had a friend like Haley! Her sweet, caring and always right on que affection is what every human desires. She is smart as a whip and seems to know the plan before her owners do. She is easy going and even allows one of her 4 year old caretakers to dress her up and just goes with the flow. The only negative; is anytime she is taken out in public she is constantly stopped over being the “cutest dog the’ve Ever seen” can be hard to get excercise or anything done.