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Hi, I'm Rosie

Gender: Female
Breed: Golden Retriever
Hair: Dark Gold
Eyes: Chocolate
Weight: 65 lbs
Nicknames: Happy
Name inspired by: Rosy personality
If I was a celebrity I would be: Savannah Guthrie
Family Tree: Purebred Golden Retriever

Personality: We have nicknamed this girl “happy” because she is truly the happiest-go-luckiest dog you will ever meet. She is EVERYTHING you would want in a Golden Retriever momma dog. She is loyal, patient and so very loving. Her submissiveness is what has made her so easy to train and endearing to all that meet her. She allows the 2 small kids in her family to hang on her and dress her up any day of the week. Her favorite thing to do is ride on the golf cart or in the car. She is truly the happiest to just “be” with her loving family. She is going to be an incredible mom with these attributes. And, do you notice those perfect little white patches?!? These are hard to come by in Golden Retrievers...making her a rare girl indeed!

Rosie has been genetically tested and cleared through Embark.