Veterinarian Do’s & Don’ts with your new Puppy

Do take your puppy to the vet within 3 days of pickup. This is very important per your purchase and sale agreement with the breeder. You may need to set up this vet appointment prior to picking up your puppy if you are planning on getting him/her over the weekend to ensure you don’t miss your 3-day window. Upon leaving Homestead Designer Doodles, your puppy has been checked by our vet and is believed to be healthy to the best of our knowledge and ability. So if you bring your puppy to your vet and there is a reason for concern, we want to know immediately! If you fail to bring your puppy to the vet within the 3-day window, we are not liable for covering any vet bills if a health concern arises.

Don’t expect to receive any new vaccinations at first appointment. This appointment should be an overall wellness checkup and a time to discuss maintenance medications (flea, tick, heartworm, etc.) for the future. Please know and expect that your puppy will be STRESSED OUT from their travels to your new home and now to this vet appointment. Your vet giving and administering any new vaccinations at this time, first of all, isn’t necessary, but highly discouraged because it could put your puppy under great stress. We’ve actually seen too much stress caused by receiving vaccinations at a puppy’s first vet appointment and led to illness and infection. Your vet may recommend a dewormer medication which is fine, but we do not recommend anything beyond that.

Do understand the expectations of any and all vaccinations, rabies shots, heartworm medications, and flea & tick preventatives your vet discusses with you. It is helpful to have had an established rapport with your vet and understand their practices prior to bringing in your puppy; as many vets vary. It is good to know what type of services they offer and holistic options available.

Don’t allow your puppy to get down on the ground or be in close proximity of other puppies/dogs/animals. Your puppy’s immune system is low at the 8th-week old mark (and even lower due to stress) and he/she has yet to receive all of their vaccinations to protect them. Therefore, making them more susceptible to diseases and infections. Keep in mind, that other puppies and dogs are at your vet because they are sick and could be carrying diseases; therefore It is best to protect your puppy from unsure factors.

Do call us if you have concerns from your wellness checkup. We care and want to know about any health problems concerning our puppies. We expect you to call us to begin a conversation so we can rectify the situation and/or come up with a game plan for a solution if necessary. If you choose to not call us, then you forego us upholding our end of the contract. We do not pay any vet bills. But, during this 3 day period, this may be negotiated if we come to an agreement. The opportunity to talk about the health of your puppy is within the 3 days stated in the contract. We want to support you and the health of your puppy in any way we can, but we will not be held responsible for decisions that you make within the first 3 days without talking to us first. You are financially responsible for decisions you make without consulting or discussing with us. We’ve had a lot of experience with puppies and want to be included in the decisions if there are problems within the 3-day window.

Please call us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Homestead Designer Doodles